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The Unstructured Sport Coat.. Cool Style & Comfort for the Warm Days ahead.


Now that the warm weather is finally here, how do you keep your style with out passing out from heat exhaustion.  When a golf shirt and pants don’t cut it, a real man of style understands the importance of the versatile and elegant, unstructured jacket .


Sport Coat Boston


What exactly is an unstructured Jacket you ask? It is a jacket sans the lining, shoulder pads, and other stifling stuff.

Light Weight and extremely versatile, It the perfect way to remain dapper without looking like you’ve been hanging out in a sauna all day.





The warm sunny days demand brighter shades and hues.  Don’t go for the dull and the conservative .  Pick vibrant colors and patterns.








Summer fabrics need to be light weight and airy to keep you cool.  Nothing beats the versatility and resilience of a tropical weight wool, silk & linen blended fabric.









Post Road Clothier can create one of these must have cool summer staples  with hundreds of summer and unlimited style options.   Pair up the jacket with our light colored summer jeans or trousers and you will be looking good all summer long.