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Your Skin Tone, Hair Color and your Style .

Dressing Yourself in the morning can be a challenge. Whether you’re a person who picks the night before, or someone who just puts on whatever is clean. However, dressing for your skin tone can add a further level of difficulty.Most men, even the most fashionable, forget the importance of how the right color will make you pop, while choosing the incorrect shades can wash you out and actually hurt your style.

If you really want to get the perfect shades for your skin tone you can hire a color consultant an in depth color chart, or just read on to get a basic of color and your skin tone.

The original color chart breaks you into 4 main color to tones into the seasons “Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn”   I’m sure like you , I don’t have the time thinking about all of this,  but I do want to look my best.

My theory is keep it simple, so I break the tones into two, Winter and Summer.  It is not exact but if you follow these” DOs and DONt’s  you will 10 steps ahead of the rest in looking great, no matter what occasion

I break it in to two distinct tones.  Winter and Summer.

First thing is figure out your skin tone, hair color.  You have stared at yourself for as long as you lived , so I think you should be able to figure out your basic tone.

Now for the Simple Dos and don’ts


Winter coloring go for rich, cooler, vivid shades.

Do:  Black, Dark Navy, Bright Blues, Dark Charcoal , White,Silver, Purple,Chocolate , Bright Pink.
Don’t: .Pale softer colors will wash you out. Avoid tans, orange, pale yellow, pale lavender, turquoise , mid gray.


Summer coloring, softer shades, earthtones & pale colors.

Do:  Orange, Tan, Soft Blue, Pale yellow, mid charcoal, lime green, Mid  Blue.
Don’t: .Dark winter colors will over take you.  Avoid Black, Dark Navy, White, Pink, ECT.