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Summer is for Linen .

I love to wear linen shirts in the hot summer months.  The fiber is incredibly breathable and airy and does a great job to allow moisture to evaporate through the cloth keeping you cool and dry.   Yes it can be a bit wrinkly , but so is cotton on those muggy hot days.   What I love the best is the relaxed  casual style it gives.  . Roll up the sleeves, keep it untucked and pair it up with some great shorts or summer weight jeans and some casual shoes or flip flops.    Check out picture of style icon George Clooney working the linen and shorts combo and look how much more stylish he looks then his frumpy  friend in the typical sloppy Tee.


Not all Linen is the same, cheap linen feels like burlap and never softens up.    High end linen is prewashed to start soft and will get softer each time you wash it.    Come in and check out the great patterns from and colors  Post Road Clothier is  carrying for the warm summer months.