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Your body and getting the correct fit

How to get a great fitting coat or shirt?  It’s much more than simply knowing your basic measurements of Chest, Waist, Sleeve and Neck.  It’s also knowing your body’s unique shape.   Your shoulders, for instance, act as a hanger.  Too sloped and everything sags, too squared and you are stuck with the back collar bunching and jacket cutting under your arm.    Same with your posture.   Stooping too much, your jacket will spread out and look to full  in the front and flair in the back. Standing erect, and the lapels will pop out while the back of the coat will look to full.

Unless you have an amazing tailor , and they are difficult to find,  Custom is the prefect answer to get a great fit.    It does not matter if you spend thousands on the best designers the jacket will never fit correctly.  Every man’s body is different,  so why buy a garment that is cut for everyone?