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Say no to the Fleece Vest!

Last Fall I visited my client’s Equity Office   (The names and location are be omitted to protect the lack of style–no joke!)  Every guy in the office wore the exact same work uniform .

boston sweaters


Dress Pants (√ )


Collared Shirt (√)


Fleece Golf Club Vest (√. Wait What?!)



I’m not sure when or why this outdoor essential became acceptable in the work place .  Yes it is warm and cozy,   but really?    Shorts are also great in the summer, but would you wear them to work?  Please , I hope you don’t.

I get it.  You don’t need to wear suits and ties anymore and your country club has a minimum that you need to spend every month , but does that mean that you just give up having  style?!

So this Fall  just keep that fleece in your closet, until your next Tee Time, and let’s Par your style with these simple staples in your wardrobe:


Want to up some heat to your style for cool days ahead?   Wear a V-neck Cashmere Sweater.         A V-Neck adds a sophisticated and smart look by adding a clean layered and colorful style.                        Post Road Clothier has beautiful cashmere’s currently available.   With over 15 colors, there is so much more than blue, so add some color to your choice.









For even more style, add a Full Zip or Full Button Mock Cardigan.   Shown is Gran Sasso of Italy, off white wool & cashmere.   With a trimmer cut and sophisticated contrasts , these are not by any means old-man styles (and by the way , many of my older clients have much  better style then any of my younger guys!).









Want to really step up your style game?  How about adding a jacket?   Not just any jacket, but a Swacket.   Unconstructed and made with a soft and stretchy merino wool.   These jackets  are as comfortable and any fleece vest and in 10 colors to boot!!