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Its time for shorts Wear them coolly.

Things are finally getting warmer and Summer is almost here, Finally!  Summertime is shorts time but so many don’t know how to wear shorts with cool style.  So I have some easy Do’s and Don’ts  to help you  look stylish with these legless summer staples.

Lets start with the “Don’ts” and please never “Do” any of these.



Ok , Pop Quiz.  Find all the men who obviously did not get the memo in how to dress in shorts on this particularly hot summer day.

Ok Now that you can see what not to do,  Let’s  get down to how you should rock your shorts this summer.


Fit-  The classic fit now is right to the knee or a little bit above.  For a man with shorter legs air toward a bit above.   Whether a standard flat front or cargo.  Keep it trim.  Add classic patterns and more interesting colors.   Make sure you get a good quality casual boat shoe or flip flop and you are ready to enjoy the summer.